About Us

Footwear Selection: We combine what we learned during your Foot Inspection with our knowledge of our footwear selection to determine the best match for your feet and needs.

Testing: Just measuring alone will not tell you if the footwear will fit. We have several different testing methods based on our incline board, which will help to determine whether the footwear is proper and if we need to make any customizations.

Customization: Your feet are unique. Shouldn’t your footwear reflect that? We take pride in taking a pair of stock footwear and matching them to the unique shape of your feet. Stretching for bumps, modifying the heel counter and modified lacing are just a few of the many tricks we have up our sleeve to make your footwear fit well!

Come on in and experience how good footwear can be with A16’s Bootfit experts!

– Christo Kuzmich, Adventure 16 Footwear Buyer, San Diego