Company Profile
Adventure 16's four Southern California outdoor specialty stores are employee-owned.

By and large, we attract and retain people who have fun working hard; who have an interest in the outdoors and a desire to share it; and who are motivated to work within a relatively flat organization committed to making a contribution to the world around it. We are not a company hell-bent on double-digit annual growth, but we do look for opportunities and try to create them, within our means. If you're looking for something like what we have to offer, and you're bringing something we need to the party, we're interested in hearing from you - any time!

These aren't just words on a wall for us. Defining them was achieved by consensus, and if we strayed very far from them, a clamor would arise that would force us back on track.

We have defined our NICHE as a provider of tools, toys and skills to inspire wilderness exploration and enjoyment of the outdoors.

Our VISION is to earn and maintain a high degree of respect from our Customers, our business associates, our community, our friends in the outdoor industry and ourselves.

Our MISSION: With a shared appreciation for the outdoors and in the spirit of continuous improvement, the people of Adventure 16 work together to achieve a harmonious balance among genuine Customer loyalty, a meaningful and enjoyable work environment and a financially prosperous company.

Our VALUES, in no particular order except alphabetical: Creativity, Efficiency, Fun, Integrity, Learning, Longevity, Open Communication, the Natural Environment, Respect for the Individual and Thrift.