Forge S Gore-Tex Women’s Hiking Boots


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Tuner Specifications (FM):
•FM tuning range: 87.5MHz - 108MHz
•Aerial terminal: external aerial connector
•Frequency intermediate: 10.7MHz
•Noise signal ratio: 40dB
Tuner Specifications (Play Back):
•Noise signal ratio: 40dB
•Channel separation (@ 1kHz): ≥23dB
•Harmonic distortion (@1kHz): ≤5%
•Frequency response: (100Hz - 10kHz) ±6dB
Power Amplifier Specifications:
•Output: speaker output
•Speaker impedance: 4Ω - 8Ω
•Output rating: 2W X2
•Max power output: ≥4W X2
•Power Supply DC12V
Package include:
1xMotorcycle Radio

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RioRand Waterproof Bike Mmotorcycle Stereo ATV UTV Speakers Alarm, Audio FM Radio MP3 iPod with 2 Speakers


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